Dead by Daylight for Stadia – What we know so far

We had a lot of announcements during the Stadia Connect but the one game which has myself intrigued the most. That game is Dead by Daylight. Death by Daylight will be showcasing a lot of features on Stadia. Crossplay and Cross Friends with all console and PC platforms, Cross Progression for Steam, Switch, and Stadia. Finally, the game will be introducing Crowd Play and Crowd Choice which are Stadia only features which a lot of people have been looking forward too.

What is Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is a 4 versus 1 game multiplayer horror game. There are 4 survivors and there is 1 killer. The object of the game is to escape if you are a survivor and if you are the killer you are to kill as many of the survivors as possible.

As a survivor, your object is to open repair the 5 generators and then to try and escape via the two gates. Repairing the generators is noisy which will attract the killer. Also, the killer knows where the generators are on the map.

The killers are to capture the survivor and place them onto hooks to please The Entity. The killer needs to down the survivor by hitting them twice. During the process of the people onto the hooks, they can still escape. The sacrifice part is described as

Phase 1 – The Summon: Hooked Survivors can either wait to be rescued or attempt to free themselves, speeding up The Entity summoning if they fail.

Phase 2 – The Struggle: The Survivors must fight The Entity to stay alive. They cannot attempt to free themselves anymore but rescue from others is still possible.

Phase 3 – The Entity devours the hooked Survivor, ending the sacrifice sequence.

Cross-play, Cross-Friends, Cross Progression

One of the real positives in gaming now is the move towards Cross-Play and Cross Progression. As the number of people grows on Stadia these features make the jump over to the platform easier. But what do they mean?

Cross-Play means you will not just be playing the game on the platform you are gaming on. You could be playing with people on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Stadia. This feature can be disabled so you only play with people on your own platform. Adding into this they are adding a Cross-Friend feature. This will allow you to have a separate friends list for people who play Dead by Daylight across the different platforms.

Cross Progression is being enabled for PC, Switch, and Stadia. Firstly this will allow you to carry over your progress between the 3 platforms. It has also been confirmed that any purchases you have made will be able to be used between the three platforms. If you buy a new Killer on one of these platforms it will be available on the two. You will need to make a Behaviour account who are the developers of the game.

Crowd Play and Crowd Choice

Dead by Daylight will be one of the first titles to showcase both Crowd Play and Crowd Choice. This is a game that I am expecting to become a real selling point for Stadia going forward because of these two features and will encourage people to try the service out.

Crowd Play allows viewers of a Streamer to join in and play. If you are watching a streamer they can activate an option to allow people to join the game they are playing. Depending on the game this may involve a queue system. Dead by Daylight will have this feature.

Another exciting feature is Crowd Choice. This feature involves the people watching the streamer voting on what should happen next via the chat. In the trailer which we have above the Crowd Choices in this game will have two options. The first option will be should the streamer be the Killer or the Survivor. The second Crowd Choice option is only available if Killer is selected. This option is to choose which Killer the streamer will be.

These two features will offer a lot of interactivity between streamers and their audience. Will the views be trolls and choose characters the streamers do not like or will they be nice. This will a lot of possibilities going forward.

The potential

Dead by Daylight is coming to Stadia in September and this is the perfect time for the game to come to the platform. In the lead up to Halloween which horror games get more popular, this could become a good get at this time. Dead by Daylight could be the first title to showcase Stadia to the larger streamer community which could bring more people to Stadia.

Overall though the most important thing is Dead by Daylight is going to be a great game for Stadia. It has an active player base, is constantly being updated, there are so many add-ons of different killers from famous franchises, and comes highly rated by players of the game.

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