Cloud Gaming – Wolock’s Choice

So I decided to try out a few different cloud gaming so I have Google Stadia but decided to try Xcloud also dipped into GeForce Now, you can check out them below in 3 steps each and then my overall choice based on being a casual gamer.

The Good – You can play on multiple screens, you buy a game it’s yours to play even if you don’t pay a subscription, I have never had an issue with connection or lag, the loading speed is amazing & the Pro Subscription is the best as once you claim your game it’s yours forever as long as you have a subscription.

The Bad – At the moment needs more games for sure and not getting some games day one as others can be annoying but for me not a issue I’m happy to plod along.

The Ugly – The unjustified negativity from some people can leave a nasty taste/thought with people before they even try and in some cases they never try and that’s the real shame as people make choices on others opinions.

The Good – To be able to play Xbox games on any device including my tv without having a box is a dream as they will release Xbox own games day one on the cloud.

The Bad – The price as it’s included in the Game-pass Ultimate if you just want the cloud service all the other benefits are not for you then the price is a bit high but let’s hope they realise it as a stand alone one day.

The Ugly – If you wanted to play the same game on multiple screens and devices you may find the game is limited to a certain area i.e. console only this is a downside and I would find this very frustrating indeed also you might find the game on the different areas but not cross save this is a major downside I feel.

The Good – Great choice of games for many different types of playing styles and it even impressed me some games i not played for years it even has my favourite game Star Trek Online that’s tempting on its own.

The Bad – As there past as shown us publishers or the other stores could pull out at any moment taking your game with them.

The Ugly – It just seems messy you have to have accounts for the others stores with in this store and for me too complicated for my needs.

Final Verdict:

For me being a casual gamer I want ease of access, fast loading, no restrictions, always evolving service, great games & no fuss so for me it’s Google Stadia. The others have great options too and it does depend on what you want from gaming to what service you use either way you have choices and in the end that’s the best thing Choices.

Until next time…. LLAP


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