Cake Bash Review: The Game You Knead

Camp Fire Mini Snack Game

I’ve spent the last week with Cake Bash, the latest game from developer High Tea Frog and published by Coatsink.


In Cake Bash, the aim is to be the tastiest cake, getting ready for those customer collections. You can play with up to 4 people in either local couch mode or online.

If you can’t resist those cakes, you can even play solo and just simply throw the bots into your game so that you still have a challenge on your hands.

It’s the ideal game for Stadia and fantastic to enjoy with friends and family as those dark cold nights arrive upon us and will certainly lift your mood.

When you load the game for the first time, you are greeted with the option to undertake the tutorial or alternatively jump straight into playing the game.

It was great to have the option of the tutorial but simply paying attention to the instructions before each game mode will ensure that you never forget what you’re doing.

It is worth noting that the tutorial is available from the main menu whenever you need it. This will no doubt come in handy if you have friends round that need to learn how to play.

Bakery Arena

Game Modes, Bash Arena’s & Mini Snack Games

High Tea Frog have given us multiple ways to have fun with this fiendishly addictive new game.

Get Tasty is the mode where you find yourself working your way through a cafe where there is a number of matches that take place to earn gold coins in the race to be the tastiest cake. With the gold coins you’ll be able to buy all the sweet treats to go atop your cake, making it more appealing for the customer. The fight is on!

At the start of each get tasty, you and the other players or bots, will be asked to vote for which Mini game snack you want to take part in, which is also coupled with which arena the game will take place in.

Also in get tasty, it’s where you will unlock a variety of cake flavours and all the different game modes.

As an alternative, which may work well for you if you are playing on the couch with friends, you have the recipe section of the menu where you can select and play any of the game types you have unlocked, whilst selecting the arenas that you will do cake battle in.

Patio Arena

When playing through the Get Tasty mode, when you aren’t spending your chocolate coins, you enter a number of bash mode games, which gives variety.

  • Sweet Victory
  • Fruity Pie
  • Cookie Bash
  • Hundreds & Thousands
  • Sparkler

Each of those modes will see you challenged to score the most points through either collecting sweets, hundred & thousands, smashing as many cookies as possible and finally keeping hold of the sparklers for as long as you can to score points.

I found the bash modes to be a pleasant and successful intermission to the core games that are available to you.

Each of the bash modes, take place in Bash Arena’s, of which there are a total of 5.

  • Bakery
  • Factory
  • Patio
  • Beach
  • Birthday
Factory arena

You will find 8 mini snack games available which are generally shorter than the approx 2 minute long bash modes.

  • Fork Knife
  • Scones & S’mores
  • Campfire
  • Neapolitan
  • Fondue or Die
  • Bakewell Ballet
  • Caterpillar
  • Wasp Attack

I have to say I found myself having so much fun with each of the mini snack games but there were definitely a couple of stand out ones from my time so far with Cake Bash.

The first up being Fork Knife. This is gateau royale, it’s last cake standing as forks come flying from the top of the screen. The aim is to avoid the cutlery to ensure it doesn’t land in your tasty cake character, as you dash about a shrinking cake.

Fork Knife: Gateau Royale

It’s frantic, chaotic and often short lived if you aren’t too careful, it provides a tremendous amount of fun as you battle to be the last cake standing.

Neapolitan was the other mini game, where you are holding a nice Italian waffle ice cream cone as you attempt to catch and stack as many ice cream scoops as you can handle. This one is tricky because not only do you want to stack them high, you have to offset that with trying to ensure that your ice cream is carefully balanced and doesn’t topple over, meaning you have to start all over again.


Now you may be thinking, hang on this is a cartoon based game, why are you going to talk about graphics.

All I can say is you genuinely need to take a moment to appreciate all the little intricate details that the developers have included in here. Right down to the little face animations each of the characters make whilst bashing each other.

Cake Bash runs in 4K 60FPS and it is so buttery smooth, it’s a colourful delight for the eyes.


As I said toward the top of this review, you are greeted at the start of the game with a tutorial, which I must admit is welcome.

The first time I played Cake Bash, I opted to skip the tutorial thinking, I’ll be fine. Now whilst I managed to work my way through it thanks to the exceptionally useful tips before each game mode starts, I certainly found that after revisiting the tutorial it helped me feel more prepared for battle.

So much so, when I fired Cake Bash up the next time, I felt like an absolute pro!

Generally speaking, it’s a very straight forward and easy game to play, which is what makes it such an attractive game to pick up and get friends or family involved.

The controls are responsive and never leave you frustrated other than with yourself when you on the odd occasion in the sheer height of tension you hit the wrong button, which normally turns out to be at the most critical point that you really don’t want to hit the wrong button.

One of the best examples of this is in Scones & S’mores where after piping the cakes with cream, you have to get timing spot on to prepare the piping bag ready for the next cake. When you’re battling it out against four others, the scores are close, sometimes you end up trigger happy and press the button too early or press the wrong button.

Order Collection: Winner Screen


Cake Bash delivers a fun filled experience that finds a way to grab your attention and keep you coming back for more. It’s must have for the library and provides hours of fun either from the couch or online with friends.

The character styles and names really bring something to the game, they are cute, friendly little characters that can get nasty when they need to.

As much as the tutorial is welcome, once you have played the Get Tasty mode a few times, the inability to skip the narrative sections, along with the reminders on how to vote for each game do become a little frustrating because a few hours in, you definitely don’t need to be reminded of how to vote for which game next or how to spend your chocolate coins but those are only minor gripes at best.

(Update from High Tea Frog relating to the above point. “If you press Start on controller or Escape on keyboard during the Get Tasty cutscenes, there is an option to skip them.”)

High Tea Frog have done a fantastic job with Cake Bash and it’s a game I’ve genuinely not been able to put down. The one thing I do hope for are more games modes and bash arena’s because I can see instantly the ways they can expand the game, giving even more variety and packing in some more fun.

It’s something I’d definitely welcome. They could invoke seasonal packs and arena’s with Halloween cakes, Christmas Cakes and a variety of easter sweet treats. Bringing in some expansion packs and seasonal extras would enhance what could be deemed as a short game but in spite of that I didn’t get bored with it in the slightest.

Scones & S’mores Mini Snack Game

In short I feel that this is only the beginning for this game and we can be sure of more to come from this fantastic developer/publisher partnership.

If you haven’t already, go and add it to your library because you won’t regret it!

It’s available in the Stadia store for £15.99 UK / $19.99, which I appreciate could be seen as a little steep for this style of game but I genuinely feel it’s worth every penny.

For the style of game, it’s polished, addictive and a dream to play. It’ll bring the fun for all the family and for those reasons and taking into account pricing I think it’s fair to give Cake Bash, 4 stars.

The only thing that stopped it getting 5 stars, is I would have liked more arena’s and game modes included for launch but like I said, I believe this is something that will come with time,

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“It’s the ideal game for Stadia and fantastic to enjoy with friends and family as those dark cold nights arrive upon us and will certainly lift your mood.”

You can head over to our YouTube channel for myself and Duncan’s first look at Cake Bash.

Finally a huge thank you to both High Tea Frog & Coatsink for supplying us with a code for us to review the game.

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