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Biomutant: A Post-Apocalyptic Masterpiece

Biomutant: A Post-Apocalyptic Masterpiece

Image: THQ Nordic

We were lucky enough to get our hands on Biomutant ahead of its release to sample what’s in store for gamers when Biomutant finally arrives on May 25th. We’d like to thank GeForce Now for providing us with the code. In the spirit of full disclosure, the code was provided for us with GeForce Now in mind, so keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channel for Biomutant content in the coming days.

Biomutant is from developer 101 games and published by THQ Nordic. Originally announced back in 2017, is now making its way to the gaming world via GeForce Now through Steam and Epic Game Store as a day and date release along with consoles. At launch, there will be 2 collector’s editions. The Atomic Edition and the Regular Collector’s Edition.

It’s an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG. Biomutant brings a unique blend of martial arts styled combat, which mixes melee, shooting and mutant abilities, providing multiple ways to take your enemies down.

Before you read any further, I should add, there will be no spoilers contained within this review. It will be purely about elements of the story, classes, sound and of course those visuals.

Image: THQ Nordic

The Biomutant Story

A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The tribes stand divided. Explore a world in turmoil and define its fate. Will you be its saviour or lead it to an even darker destiny?

In my time with Biomutant so far, I’ve found the story has gripped me and it’s clear just how much thought, care and consideration that has been put into crafting a story so meaningful and relevant to our everyday lives. A story that focuses on elements such as family, memories, loss, morality, unity, saving the planet and recycling.

I cannot express enough, how masterful it is. Combine this with excellent dialogue, strong narration and a little bit of fun injected into it, it’s a combination that strikes all the right notes.

In terms of the story, I haven’t played Biomutant through to completion but based on information from 101 Games, If you rush the story, skip dialogue, you can complete it somewhere between 12-15 hours. The exact reason that I haven’t played through the entirety of the story is that I simply refuse to rush through something that deserves to be savoured. Outside of a rushed playthrough, your time with Biomutant will vary as with most RPG’s purely down to how many side quests and exploration you decide to take on. One of the team at 101 Games, has sunk 65 hours into and he’s not still finished it, so there’s a great scope depending on the way you choose to play.

Now back to the story. Your carefully crafted mutant will find themselves on a quest to help Best Before (A character from the game) and his friends take on the world-eaters to stop the second coming. The fate of the world truly resting in your hands.

Image: Captured with in-game Photo Mode

Biomutant features a story that is injected with fun, but with the age old choice between dark and light. A path that only you can decide. Each choice, whether it be an action, a dialogue choice, it all has an impact on the experience you will have in the game and the world around you.

Your dialogue choices affecting your inner balance and aura. The balance of your actions creates aura score, which then in turn affects dialogue with other characters.

The story also features powerful messages that sit there bubbling away beneath the surface. Messages and themes about how we need to protect the planet, look after others, forge relationships to unite people and generally just be better as a civilisation.

As for your introduction to the game, Bunker 101 is what felt like a near perfect tutorial that gives you the ability to learn the game controls, it really gives you a great base as to kick off your adventure, enabling you to feel somewhat prepared as you set off to secure the worlds fate.

Puzzles also serve as a welcome part of the game, allowing you to open new paths or present you with new perks or items. Your intellect defines number of moves you get to complete each puzzle, definitely something to consider as you create your character.

The story can be enjoyed across three difficulties, Easy, Normal and Hard. So choose wisely!

Character Customisation

In Biomutant when you are creating your character, you have 6 breeds and 5 classes to choose from. The important thing to note with these choices is that whilst your also define the attributes of your character at this stage, you’ll still be able to learn all skills and use all of the weapons. Even knowing this, I still agonised over my character selection!

Image: Captured with in-game Photo Mode


  • Primal – Nimble, dexterous with less developed intellect
  • Dumdon – Least developed anthropomorphic breed. Lacks in mental skills but makes up for it in physical strength
  • Rex – Extraordinary hybrid, well suited for both physical and mental challenges
  • Hyla – Hybrid with gene mutation, tough and resilient
  • Fip – Highly evolved mind, directly interlinked to the power of Ki, amplified psionic output
  • Murgel – Idealised breed. Evolutionary lineage in a direction where form and appearance dominate over function

In between choosing your breed and class, you will set the fur appearance, colours, which gives you a great opportunity to be creative with your look. There’s a good selection of fur choices and then mixing that in with colours, gives you a certain freedom to really accentuate your character.


  • Commando – Trained operative, Elite special forces
  • Dead Eye – Tricky, Skillful Rogue. A life chosen outside law and society
  • PSI-Freak – Psionic power experimentation, typically an outcast
  • Saboteur – Cunning, Skilled explorer. Trained to operate covertly in suburbs and wilderness
  • Sentinel -Dedicated to protecting a house or organisation as a whole

Character creation may seem like a fairly standard, run of the mill task but I found that it brought me a real affinity to my character, a sense of protectiveness over this carefully crafted mutant that I was about to embark on an epic journey with.

To compliment your customisation of the character, you also have Biomutations and PSI-Powers. Biomutations have two type granting active abilities and are unlocked with Biopoints. You can get your paws on these by fighting special enemies or finding the Bio-containers that are scattered about the world.

PSI-Points, which are obtained by activating PSI-Poles will bring you PSI-Power. Be sure to check all around the world of Biomutant to find them.

Image: Captured with in-game Photo Mode

Sound & Visuals

Right from the visually stunning cinematic style opening sequence, the colours are popping and the detail of those bright vibrant surroundings draw you in.

A game that despite first being expected in 2018, arrives in 2021 as the developers realised the enormity of the task facing them to build an open-world RPG. I can assure you now, this was an extremely wise decision as the level of polish and visual fidelity you get in Biomutant will not disappoint.

As I’ve travelled across the map, I found myself avoiding using fast travel just to take in every luscious bit of scenery that this post-apocalyptic world has to offer.

Biomutant has run pretty much flawlessly for me and maintained a stable 60FPS and this is only further enhanced by harnessing the power of the cloud via GeForce Now.

So we have a great story, character customisation, stunning visuals. What’s left to match up with this? The sound. I find it so satisfying to be completely immersed into the world of any game that I’m playing and sound plays an extremely important part in this. Biomutant does not disappoint.

A beautifully crafted blend with visuals of a world that will astound you, mixed with tranquil, emotive and sometimes tension-filled sound. It matches every bit of its visual splendour, taking full effect and immersing you into the world of Biomutant.

Image: Captured with in-game Photo Mode

Final Thoughts

As I sit here writing, drawing my thoughts to a close. I don’t know what the next stages of my journey hold, I don’t know what challenges are in store for me, but I know that 101 Games have captured something in an open-world RPG that feels like a stroke of genius, a masterpiece. I’d go as far as to say that in 2021, this stands as my favourite game to have enjoyed and I simply cannot wait to explore further.

Photo mode is simple yet effective and I found myself dipping into it to capture moments all along my journey as I take in new breath-taking scenery, exploring every inch of the map.

Biomutant got its claws into me right from the get-go and thanks to the power of the GeForce Now and the ability to boot into this game so quickly, it’s a game that I’ll be savouring the experience of, for many hours to come.

A game that takes itself seriously with the story, its messages, poignant reflective points that make you think but that doesn’t stop it also delivers a fun-filled, humoured experience that you do not want to miss out on.

Biomutant will immerse you, grip and delight you, all in equal measure. The only thing left to do is go and enjoy it.

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