Ben’s Opinions: Who Could Enter Cloud Gaming Next?

It’s clear to see by now that cloud gaming is an area of constant expansion. With some of the big companies jumping on board the cloud gaming scene, it’s a natural next step in the world of gaming platforms.

The announcement that Amazon was releasing a cloud platform probably shocked some, but not everyone. Given that Google jumped in head first, it was only natural that a company the size of Amazon move in to the next evolution of video gaming. But it makes me wonder, now that Nvidia, Google, Amazon and Xbox have a foothold, who’s next?

For this article, I’ve divided my opinions into three categories; Educated Guesses, Glimmers of Hope, and Wishful Thinking. These categories start from ones that are most likely, before ending with guesses that will make you, the reader, wonder where on earth I got that idea from.

Educated Guesses: Nintendo

Okay, so this first one is cheating a little. Nintendo have dipped their toes into cloud gaming with Control and will soon add Hitman 3 to begin the list of cloud titles. My only hope is that this continues and expands to even more AAA titles. Given the positive reception around Control, can we expect games like Resident Evil: Village to arrive on a platform with excellent potential? I sure hope so.

Image: Nintendo

Educated Guesses: Facebook

The biggest social media platform in the world has been moving more and more in to the gaming industry. Facebook Gaming (their equivalent to Twitch) and the Oculus products are proof that they want to be seen as the platform for everyone, including gamers. Hell, they brought FarmVille to the masses. For some, the old Facebook games may have been their first step into the world of gaming. Admittedly, Facebook are testing cloud-based gaming in a few select regions with a number of mobile games. They have said this will not be a separate service, rather it will be the standard when someone plays games through Facebook. The potential for this going forward, especially alongside the Oculus Quest, may turn more than a few heads.

Educated Guesses: AMD

A fairly obvious one to me. There’s no way that AMD can look at GeForce Now and not want a piece of the action. With the competition looking fiercer than ever after the release of the RTX 30 series and the 6900/6800 XT, the battle could be taken to the cloud as well. The good old Red vs. Green debate has been around for a long time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the jump to the cloud. If AMD were to do so, I would expect it to be in a similar fashion to GeForce Now; add your supported library on and off you go.

Image: AMD

Educated Guesses: Epic Games

The Fortnite giant do like to splash the cash on exclusives and timed releases, but would they take a risk and move into the cloud too? It’s clear that they want to be the next best PC platform and eventually usurp Steam from its throne, so it wouldn’t be a shock if they did. With more Epic Games titles arriving on GeForce Now, it’s obvious they have some stake in the idea. But how long will they want to share before they take their games and do it themselves? With two behemoth titles in the form of Rocket League and Fortnite belonging to them, it might not be long at all.

Educated Guesses: Apple

With a vast ecosystem of their own, reports of their own VR headset, and their own Game Pass equivalent in the form of Apple Arcade, they are a company I would happily bet money on coming into cloud gaming soon. No doubt they are looking at Google and biding their time to release their own platform and maybe even their own controller. My only concern? Pricing. Although Apple Arcade is a very fair price, they are known for their more high-end costs. Costs aside, I could definitely see them coming into the game soon. Let’s face it, money for developers shouldn’t be an issue..

Image: Apple

Glimmer of Hope: SEGA

One of gaming’s giants, with a wonderful history and an immense catalog of titles over the years, have made plans for a slightly different cloud gaming service called “fog gaming” over in Japan. Utilising the the arcade machines that sit unused when the arcade centres are closed, it has the opportunity to bring games to a cloud platform. At this stage, however, it isn’t known whether it will simply be arcade games or full releases, or whether it will be available anywhere else in the world. There’s hope, and that’s what matters.

Glimmer of Hope: EA

Hear me out. EA Play; A huge library of games (that could be expanded with classics) that can be accessed through a subscription service on multiple platforms – Steam, Xbox And PlayStation – is the perfect service to be created into a cloud gaming platform. It is in this category purely because there is no rumours or plans (that I am aware of) for this service to be expanded into the cloud. But I truly believe it would work really well. One can dream.

Image: EA

Wishful Thinking: Bethesda

Speaking of dreaming, here’s my first completely questionable guess. It’s more because I’m a massive Doom fan, but Bethesda owns some of the biggest game franchises in the industry. They have their own launcher on PC and Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein and Fallout, to name a few. That’s an incredible arsenal. But given that Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Rage 2 and Doom Eternal are on different cloud platforms and the groundbreaking news of Microsoft taking them over for an eye-watering sum of money, it’s likely to never happen.

Wishful Thinking: Twitter

They definitely have the audience and money to do it, but I very much doubt they would. Unlike Facebook, Twitter seems to stick to mainly just social media. But, never say never. KFC made their own “console”, so nothing is surprising at this point.

Image: Twitter

How do you rate this list? Any you think are missing? I am looking forward to seeing if any of this come to fruition, so fingers crossed!

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