Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal on 27th February

It was announced today via a tweet that Baldurs Gate 3 first gameplay footage will be at PAX East at 3:30PM EST / 8:30 GMT.  This reveal will be shown live on YouTube so everyone can see it.  Baldurs Gate 3 is coming to Stadia and Stadia announced that it was coming this year however Larian backtracked from this but there is a possibility that we find out a release date at this event.

Swen Vincke will lead the demo in front of 1000 people at PAX East.  If you attending in person you will be able to take part in a short live Q & A session which will be shown on YouTube.  During PAX East Larian will be showing of Baldurs Gate 3 with live gameplay presentation so if you miss the first live show you can still the game running in person.


The team working on Baldur’s Gate 3 has grown to 350 people which includes outsourced workers.  It is expected that Baldur’s Gate 3 will have 100+ hours of content in the final games.  Larian Studios believe this is going to be the next generation of RPG. We are looking forward to finding out more on 27th February!


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