Baldurs Gate 3 Early Access Maybe coming August

During the Guerrilla Initiative event, we received more news about Baldur’s Gate 3. During the presentation, it was announced that the game is targetting Early-Access for August. It was said that both platforms PC and Stadia will receive early access at that time. The trailer below also seems to show that there has been an upgrade to the visions of the game.

It was also announced that further footage of the game will be shown before Dungeons and Dragons live on June 18. Viewers will then decide to kill an enemy or go to the Underdark. Could this be a live demo of Stadia’s Crowd Choice feature? We already know that Baldur’s Gate 3 will introduce Stadia only features and also Cross-Platform multiplayer.

We will have more on Baldur’s Gate 3 as we get it.

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