Antstream announces new pricing and updates

Antstream, a gaming platform for classic games, has announced several updates to its services. Beginning today, the company’s premium service will be available for $12/£12/€12! This is fantastic value!

In addition, the company is introducing a new version of its free tier. The new free tier will allow players to play all of the company’s new challenges for classic games and receive 100 free gems every day. However, it will not include access to leaderboards, reward gems from tournaments and other events, or the ability to save progress for full games. The new free tier will be rolled out gradually over the first few months of 2023.

For those on the premium tier, the company has a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2023. The company has been working to rebuild and modernize its platform, using the best practices and the latest technology to create a world-class gaming platform that will be a destination for classic gaming for years to come. The new design of the platform will give players more control and customization options, and will also emphasize community, with more ways to compete, share, and show off gaming achievements.

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