Amazon Games (Project Tempo) – Wolock’s predictions

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WARNING The following information is just my opinion based on the current cloud Gaming market and what I have read and experienced.

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What I predict will happen when Project Tempo Launches, it will be within the Amazon Games App on Tv & Smart Devices, I also suspect it will follow a similar plan as Google Stadia and the reasons i feel this is as follows.


They have been working/making games for years since 2012 from their own Studios, they have released 7 games up to 2019 on AppStore/Facebook and Consoles and 2020/2021 have Crucible & New World also a Pac-Man game coming. I suspect that when the cloud Service comes it will launch with at least two Exclusives one of which will be the massive Lord of The Rings game and they are working on these first to entice people to sign up day one like the consoles before them i.e. Xbox.

Games Library:

Now for the library I suspect it to have some big games from publishers/game makes like WB Games, 2K, SNK and others the reason I suspect the three I mention is because WB Games already use AWS tools in all its game making so they have a fantastic relationship. The reason for 2K is the boss is one of the co founders of 2K so he will have contacts and relationships within 2K and then SNK because Amazon already has lots of there games on Prime Gaming to claim right now.

I suspect it will also follow Google Stadia with the aspect of Click to Claim and keep as long as your subscribed as they are already doing this right now on Prime Gaming, I also suspect that the games people claim now on Prime Gaming will also be on the Cloud upon Launch now most of these are classic retro games and I suspect they will have a large library of these type of games as well as the usual selection of Indie games that’s on every platform.

I also suspect it will have publisher stores as well similar to Prime Video where you add the tv channel as a extra cost like HBO and the likes.

They will also launch with lots of free to play games too I suspect locked behind Prime to cover costs I feel they would do this to draw people in.


I have mentioned this previously but I suspect the price of Prime to stay the same, yes that’s right I said the same here in the UK that’s £7.99 pm, please read my other articles why I say this.


I also suspect they will follow Google Stadia to offer a version where you can play on the service without subscription you just buy the games you want to play.

Final recap in bullet points:

1. Day one Exclusives

2. Large game library

3. Click and claim to play forever on subscription

4. Publisher store add ons

5. No price increase

6. Free to play games.

7. No need to subscribe as you can just buy games to play same as Google Stadia

8. No Downloads

9. Portability

10. No need to update hardware as it will be constantly updated

So there you have it my prediction for Amazon Games (Project Tempo), now as I said at the beginning this is just my opinion but I really feel this is what’s going to happen but like all things only time will tell.

Until next time I hope you enjoyed reading, Stay safe and play some games.



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