Age of Darkness: Final Stand Review

Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Fight off hordes of nightmarish creatures in this top down medieval RTS called Age of Darkness: Final Stand. Create your town and build up your defenses to survive the night. Explore during the day for extra resources and treasure and defend the city when darkness falls. Make your final stand in this dark and eerie world!

Visuals and Music:

The visuals in this game have some great contrast to the brown thatch roofs and walls to the blueish green enemies that lurk the woods. Colors stand out brilliant in this game. Enemies could use a bit more variance. You mainly see tons of the creatures on all fours that are like ghouls of sorts. There is also axe creatures, spear ones, and 4-legged spiderlike creatures, as well as, Elite Nightmares you can face during the night. Audio ties all this aesthetic in with the deep drums and the eerie music. The music picks up and really hypes you up when the swarm comes out on the death night.


Unfortunately since this game is early access, the scenarios are not complete, and the only available game mode is survival. As for the main concept of the story, you build and create a well defended town against an ever growing threat of horrors and nightmares that come rushing from the woods at night.


Gameplay is very much like the RTS games before it, and very reminisce of Warcraft or Starcraft. Set up farms for food, lumber stations for wood, mine for stone and metal. Housing increases your available civilians to work buildings or turn into soldiers to fight and defend against the horrors. There is only one available hero at this time out of 3 total heroes planned. You can upgrade your hero with special abilities as they level up, and you can also upgrade each type of troops with bonuses (which will be a resource cost). I do wish the hero had more of a skill tree rather than just three abilities to use.

They offer a wide variety of defenses with ballistae, siege vehicles, and archer towers. They have to be manned to work so keeping a good supply of townsfolk is key. These defenses are key to surviving a swarm as this game has a technology called “Swarmtech” which helps allow the game to render over 70,000 enemies on screen at any time. The Death Nights are great and I love that they have elite nightmares to fight during the night for rewards as well. Really good job with variety of defenses and units as well as rewards for risking your units in the night.


Age of Darkness: Final Stand offers a very cool RTS with a lot of potential, but is lacking more heroes and the scenario mode which I think would boost this game even higher. It is a really good concept for an early access title with the swarmtech which makes the Death Nights exciting and a bit stressful with the large amounts of enemies at once. Beautiful colors and great music that fits the theme and tone. Fun, classic RTS style gameplay with some great options for the player, but I wish we had a bit more depth with a story of some sort. Very good game so far, and I will be watching for the scenarios to release for this one. Definitely recommend for those who love RTS games!

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The game is available to purchase on Steam.

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