A wild Phil Harrison appears as part of the Gaming Awards and is still part of Stadia

Phil Harrison has been very quiet of late much to the displeasure to a number of people with the Stadia community. We can confirm today, thanks to Anderzz on Twitter, that Phil Harrison is very much still part of Stadia and is part of the advisory panel for the Gaming Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley. His title states that he is VP and GM. There had been some outcry if he was still at Stadia or had shifted to a different job within Google. It appears that he is very much still at Stadia.

Phil Harrison is listed alongside other notable people from the gaming world like Phil Spencer, Dr Lisa Su, Doug Bowser and Hideo Kojima. It is unknown if there will be any Stadia presence during the awards. Phil Harrison’s last significant appearance was during the Ubiforward Event in September last year that won moment of the year at our Cloud Gaming Awards.

Let us hope that this is the first of many appearance by Stadia personnel over the next number of months.

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