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8 Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass in December

8 games are leaving Xbox Game Pass in December.  These games are  

  • Scarlet Nexus 
  • Outer Wilds 
  • Tropico 6 
  • Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars 
  • Secret Neighbor 
  • Gorogoa 
  • The Pedestrian 
  • Embr 

Remember you get a discount if you want to buy the games before they leave. No new titles have been unveiled yet.  

Starting off with Scarlet Nexus as it is the biggest name in the list. The game is an action role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco. It is set in a futuristic world where people with psychokinetic abilities known as “psionics” have emerged and are used to protect the world from mysterious creatures known as “Others.” Players control a member of the Other Suppression Force, a group of psionic soldiers tasked with fighting the Others and uncovering the truth behind their mysterious origins. The game features fast-paced combat and a character development system that allows players to customize their abilities and playstyle. If you are looking to complete the game before it leaves you will need to get a shake on as completing the main game will take 25 hours while full completion can take up to 65 hours to get through everything. 

In Outer Wilds, players control a character who is part of a space program in a small, alien solar system. The game is set in a 22-minute time loop, and players must use this time to explore the various planets and moons in the solar system, uncover secrets and mysteries, and unravel the mystery of a strange, destructive force that is causing the sun to go supernova. The game has had widespread praise and can be finished in between 16 – 22 to hours depending on your playstyle if you are looking to complete the game it will take around 26 hours. 

In Tropico 6, players must manage their island and its resources, build and manage a thriving economy, and maintain the happiness and loyalty of their citizens. Players can also engage in political activities, such as running elections, forming international alliances, and dealing with foreign powers.  It is hard to put a time on the game as it is a city builder as if you like it you will be coming back for more. 

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars combines elements of strategy, resource management, and card-based combat. Players must recruit and train units, gather resources, and build structures to strengthen their clan. They can also collect and use powerful cards to turn the tide of battle in their favor.The game features a single player campaign that consists of a series of story-driven missions. These missions can be played on different difficulty levels and offer a variety of challenges and objectives.The game can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours to complete, depending on the player’s skill level and the difficulty level chosen. The game also has a multiplayer mode, which adds even more replay value. 

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game developed and is set in the Hello Neighbor universe and features a similar art style and tone. In Secret Neighbor, players take on the roles of children trying to rescue their friend from the clutches of their neighbor, who has a dark secret. The twist is that one of the players is secretly the neighbor in disguise, trying to stop the other players from achieving their goal.According to the developers, the average playtime for Secret Neighbor is around 2-4 hours. However, the game’s replay value comes from the multiplayer aspect, as players can experience the game multiple times with different groups of friends and try out different strategies as the neighbor. 

In Gorogoa, players are tasked with solving puzzles by arranging and combining illustrated panels in order to progress through a story. The game features hand-drawn artwork and a unique mechanic that allows players to seamlessly transition between different layers of the illustrations. As for how long it takes to beat Gorogoa, it varies depending on the player’s skill and puzzle-solving ability. On average, it takes around 2 hours to complete the game.  

The Pedestrian, players control a stick figure who is trying to navigate through a series of interconnected 2D environments. The player must solve puzzles by rearranging and manipulating the environment, including moving platforms and activating buttons, in order to progress through the levels. On average, it takes around 3-5 hours to complete the game and is an easy 1000 gamer score 

Embr is a simulation game developed and published by Muse Games. The game is set in a world where people rely on firefighters to put out fires and rescue civilians from burning buildings. Players take on the role of a firefighter and are tasked with navigating through a variety of environments to extinguish fires and rescue people in need. The game features a procedurally generated city and challenging firefighting scenarios, as well as a range of customization options for players to tailor their character and equipment. Embr also includes a multiplayer mode, where players can team up with friends online to tackle fires together. It will around 7 hours to finish the game and around 25 hours to get the full achievements. 

So are you going to miss any of these games leaving game pass? let us know in the comments! 

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