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5 Short Game Pass Games to Play this Holiday

If you are off over this holiday period and want to play some games on game pass that are short that won’t take you 10+ hours to complete we have 5 games that hit that goal.  The bonus is that you will get a stack of gamer score as well for completing them! 

Starting off with Inside is an enjoyable puzzle platformer and will take around 3 or 4 hours to complete.  You will guide the player through the world and will have to overcome several obstacles on the way.  The puzzles can be a little tricky at times but overall, the game is not difficult to finish and if you get stuck there are a lot of how tos on the game.  It is one of the few games that can tell a story without saying anything.  The mood and atmosphere of the game just paints the story so well.  I don’t like the ending but that could be worth talking about a different day!  The achievements are missable in the game however you can go back and pick them up after you complete the game with a handy scene selector.  A perfect game for a lazy afternoon.

Scorn was released a couple of months ago and is a perfect game pass game. Your travel through a strange planet and must solve some puzzles. The game had a mixed reception when it launched however it has received number of patches since then and it has fixed one of the big obstacles in the checkpoint system.  The world building in the game was praised by most reviewers so it is worth checking out just for that.  The game can be completed within 4 – 6 hours and you get all but one of the achievements for completing the game.  To get the last achievement you need to replay the first act again and do something a little different.

Telling Lies is a narrative video game that uses full motion video.  Let’s get this out of the way straight off.  This won’t be for everyone these sorts of games are a real splitter in that you will love them or hate them.  This is the beauty of Game Pass is that you can give them a see if they click with you.  Telling Lies has received some great reviews and it clocks in at the 4 – 6-hour mark and it is an easy enough game to get most of the 1000 gamer score if not the full lot.

Gorogoa is a puzzle game that will take you between 1 – 2 hours to complete.  This is a game to stick on to chill out too.  The artwork in the game is fantastic and the puzzles are not too difficult. You will unlock most of the achievements by just completing the game.  If you miss some of them, you can use a level select to pick up any you may have missed.  However, there is one achievement that you need to complete the game in less than 500 moves.  This would be better to do after you completed the game and by using a guide.

Turnip boy commits tax evasion is the last game in our list and I love this game.  It is off the wall and can be completed in 3 – 4 hours.  You can play through the game and then do an achievement clean up at the end.  Sometimes the solutions to the problems can be a little obtuse but they aren’t really that taxing.  If you do get stuck we have a full play through of the game on the channel shortly to guide you through it.  The writing in the game is funny and it is one those hidden gems on game pass. 

So there we have it 5 games to play over this holiday that can not only be completed in a couple of hours but can also be used to increase your gamer score.  

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