Steam Deck

2 Small Steam Deck Updates to Stable and Preview

The Steam Deck has released two updates to its users: one to the stable channel and one to the preview channel.

First, Steam Deck has released SteamOS 3.4.4 to the stable channel, which is an update available to all Deck users. This update includes a fix for an issue where performing a factory reset could cause the device to get stuck in an update loop.

In addition to this stable update, Steam Deck has also released SteamOS 3.4.5 to the preview channel. This update, which is still being tested and can be opted into in the settings, includes fixes for a focus issue with Forza Horizon 5 and the same factory reset issue addressed in the stable update. It is worth noting that this update was originally released to preview as 3.4.3 and was re-released as 3.4.5 to incorporate the factory reset changes released to stable in 3.4.4.

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